Environmentally Conscious

The Outdoor Environment

St. Paul Linoleum and Carpet Co. is a leader in the responsible use and disposal of our products. Nationally 90% of all carpet ends up in a landfill. We began diverting carpet from landfills in the early 1990’s. In 2014 we diverted 866,020 lbs. of used carpet from landfills by utilizing waste-to-fuel energy facilities and recycling as the technology emerges. Furthermore, we promote products with post-industrial and post-consumer waste content.

The Indoor Environment

The indoor environment is equally important. We can help answer questions and prepare proposals that minimize the exposure of your employees to VOC’s, off-gassing and other environmental issues associated with indoor air quality.


Whether by recycling consumables such as cardboard, paper, glass, and cans or retrofitting our warehouse lighting, as a member of Minnesota Waste Wise, we continually look for ways to conserve resources.


St. Paul Linoleum and Carpet Company is a proud member of Starnet. Starnet is comprised of over 170 locally-owned full-service flooring contractors representing more than 300 locations throughout North America. With $2 billion in annual sales, Starnet is the single most influential force in the contract flooring industry. Through this cooperative, we can offer our customers the service and reliability of a locally owned and operated company plus the advantages of a national network of affiliates. Our customers benefit from the industry’s best products, technologies, manufacturers, and service providers. All of which means a wider choice of products, unbiased recommendations, competitive pricing with superior local and nationwide service.

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