• I need a quote. Whom do I contact?

    Send an email to Your request will be promptly assigned to one of our helpful project managers for a quick turnaround.

  • What is the turn-around time?

    After we receive bid documents or perform a site visit we will prepare our proposal. When we reach an agreement we will order the materials needed for the project. Sometimes arriving sooner, depending on the products, you can expect a 4-8 week delivery. The installation will be scheduled at your convenience thereafter.

  • Do you help with installation?

    Yes, we are a full-service flooring contractor. We employ our own highly trained installation crews.

  • Is the work noisy?

    Yes, it can be noisy if certain equipment is required to remove the existing flooring. The installation of the new flooring is relatively quiet.

  • Can you work at night?

    Yes. Our warehouse, delivery, removal, and installation crews are available to work all shifts.

  • Will the work create dust?

    Removal and floor prep are processes most likely to create dust. Constructing poly barriers to contain the work, up to date equipment complete with HEPA filtration, wetting materials prior to removal and placing in covered cart to be moved out of the area are some of the procedures we have in place to minimize dust.

  • Are harmful chemicals used?

    No. All of our adhesives and installation products are low VOC (volatile organic compound). There may be harmless odors. We provide Material Safety Data Sheets for all of our products prior to installation so you can notify your employees working  in or near the construction zone.

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